Omnichannel Retailing

Integrate your platforms to market, sell, buy, and deliver all under one roof.

Becoming a retailer for all?

Omnichannel retailers differ from operators that offer either online or in-store purchases (not both). They leverage both online and offline space to sell and deliver goods. Some retailers pivoted primarily to digital platforms to sell goods while others still only sell goods in-store. An omnichannel retailer can generate most of its revenue online, but also sell products in-store—the best of both worlds.

How Lysi can help

If you are considering transitioning over to become an Omnichannel retailer because you want your business to dominate in store and online platforms, you’ll need the proper POS, WMS, and eCommerce systems in place. Business owners are making this change for leverage in the market because consumers like the convenience of buying online, but returning in-store or vice versa.

How Lysi Works


Our team of project managers and engineers will first assess your current retail processes and create a dedicated technical plan that fits the needs of your business.


We have a large team of engineers highly skilled in implementing and deploying the perfect retail applications to work together to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and reduce customer chargebacks.


Once all retail applications are connected and ready to roll, sit back and relax: The results will take the stage—be prepared for optimized solutions, customer satisfaction, and minimal downtime.


 You read that right: With technology evolving and your business growing, we’ll stand by your side to make the necessary changes to keep growing.

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Omnichannel Retailing

Let’s discuss omnichannel retailing. We’re here to make your company stand out in this competitive market.

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